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  1. Trey


    Very thank you ~ I'm sooooooo happy you always answer me so particularly. And do I set the graph properties all righ?


    And the highest rate I can use c2000 to get is?


    I will add an antenna and try again.

  2. hello everyone~ I am a new here. Now I use the c2000 and I always face some problem, so hope you can solve my problem and hope you can understand me through my bad English.


    thanks for Trey's help and I know something about energia for c2000.


    And a question here.

    I use ccs5.0.3 and some days ago I upload the program Example_2802xAdcSoc. Then I debug it and use the tool--graph to get the wave shape. But it didn't work well.



    That is the wave shape I got. [50HZ sin ware]


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