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  1. Wow. It does look like the Delfinos are way more capable than the M4's. And the Piccolos are an incredible value for the price point. I'm going to focus on the C2k's for my applications for now. Have to pick a bagful of development hardware and get going... Mike
  2. Thanks bluehash and Trey! I'll keep on learning and if I have questions I'll send them your way. Mike
  3. Hello C2K folks! I have been spending a fair bit of time reading about the C2000, as I am selecting a micro for programmable power supply and motor control applications. Obviously I need to be able to process waveforms with DSP and/or other math and suitable libraries. OK, I am now going to commit the unpardonable sin of asking why I should select C2000 over Cortex M4. And if Tiva is being crippled so as to not cannibalize C2000 market share, are competing ARM's likewise inadequate. Friggin' ARM's taking over the universe... OK, sorry about the question, but I'm honestly willin
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