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    Candelero got a reaction from TI_Trey in F28027 communication with GPS Modul (TTL)   
    I have the Piccolo and I want to receive data (TTL serial) from a GPS Modul (Navilock NL-652ETLL).
    It is the first time, that I use the Piccolo and CCS v5 and I first have to get used to it. I tried the demos sci echoback and adc soc and they worked fine after some fixes.
    I can communicate with the Piccolo over Putty, but I dont know how the Piccolo can communicate with the GPS modul. I connected the GPS Modul on SCIRXDA and SCITXDA and when there is no program running on the piccolo, I can see all the GPS data with Putty. This seems to work directly from GPS Modul to Putty. But when I start a program, putty stops to receive data.
    So, how can I receive the GPS data within a program, so for example that I can save the data in a string.
    Thank you for helping!
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