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  1. Hi Folks Ive recently started looking at using the F2802x SPI. For my application I would like to be able to communicate between two F2802x devices a string of 8-bit chars of arbitrary length (+using FIFOs), and I have a few questions. The slave device is able to request read service from the master by means of a GPIO line to the master that the master has configured as an external interrupt. The thing is I am not understanding the steps required for the master to begin a read from the slave.... I checked out the data transfer example (sect 1.5.5) in the SPI ref guide (SPRUG71B) bu
  2. I found this in "development_kits/~SupportFiles/F2802x_headers/" along with the PeripheralHeaderIncludes.h file. I compiled, loaded and ran the program without errors - though have not yet actually tested functionality I tried restarting CCS (and my machine) to see if this would induce the indexer to re-index the _Comp header file, but no change, never mind. Thanks for the EALLOW mention, hadn't thought about that! Cheers P.S. I'll cross-post my solution to the e2e for anyone looking for a solution there also P.P.S. Have somewhat confirmed my changes by comparing the F2803x _Com
  3. Trey so following on with what I outlined, and in case anyone else looking for the same thing stumbles across this post, I will document what I am doing here. Here is what I added to the DSP2802x_Comp.h file of the version 128 device support header includes: addition of the below struct and union (before the declaration of the struct COMP_REGS): struct DACCTL_BITS { // bit description Uint16 DACSOURCE:1; // 0 DAC source control Uint16 RAMPSOURCE:4; // 1:4 Ramp generator source sync select Uint16 rsvd1:9; // 5:13 reser
  4. Hi Trey, Thanks a mill for getting back so quick! So essentially what I need to do is alter the COMP_REGS struct in my version of the DSP2802x_Comp.h, adding the child unions/structs where needed, to match the _COMP_Obj_ in the comp.h you mentioned? Looking back through the DSP2802x_GlobalVariableDefs.c and DSP2802x_Headers_nonBIOS.cmd it seems the correct allocation and placement is already taken care of. But is there anywhere else I would need to make amendments that you might know? I dont see any mention of comparators at all in PeripheralAddress_ASM.h, for example, so I guess not
  5. Hi Folks The documentation for the comparator block on the F28027 (SPRUGE5) mentions the ability to have the reference DAC produce a ramp. It goes on to describe several registers that are used to set this up, DACCTL for example. However I have not been able to find any other mention of this ability or these registers in any other (device-relevant) document or include file. Is this feature actually implemented? Which peripheral header file should include the relevant register structure? or what register structure are they under? Thanks Note: I have posted a question to the same effe
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