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  1. Thanks but do not see the point, this processor is an ARM, google for FEZ (has an ARM), CHIPINO (a PIC), etc, etc there are a lot of processors using ARDUINO's footprint but none using and MSP430, that is where PADrINO comes into the picture... It's odd that TI did not jump on the wagon and reuse the existing Arduino's ecosystem just by matching the odd headers etc, but on the same token have not seen a Renesas or one of the top 3 MCU manufacturers with similar boards to ARDUINO does it makes sense? regards
  2. Hello Gordon, not sure i grasp the dept of your coment... anyways, as it it can be read on the board this MSP430ino is home brewed in my garage, and whether we like it or not, there is ~2000 Arduino shields out there non existant for Lauchpad footprint... so this is my take to tap into that, regards
  3. Hello Kenemon, not sure where you are but if you are in Dallas, the toaster ovens are $23 at Elliot's (coit/park in plano) i think those have the infrared lamps as opposed to the wire resistors. later.
  4. Nice Job!, you can get the stencils on Pololu http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/446 or individual stainless at proto advantage http://www.proto-advantage.com/store/pr ... id=2220130 (nope i do not work for them, if you're wondering ) cheers
  5. Excellent! a little competition, do you know what processor they are using? i could not find such MSP430ino board in their website. thanks
  6. Hello cde, point taken, i believe the free CCS has a 16K limit (might be wrong, though), not sure on IAR but there are bunch of other free tools available with no limitation, in the other hand ARDUINO and it's software is good for hobbist or individuals that do not want to dig into what really is happening, but when tackleing a real project Arduino hits the wall fair and square since does not have the emulation and simulation tools MSP430 has and Arduino is buggy. try running the trigonometric functions on both then check me back. Regards
  7. Hello Bluehash, the emulator is transparent, 100% similar to the emulator found on the launchpad, to the tools, it would look like you are using a MSP430G Launchpad just with a MSP430F5172 processor. regards
  8. The Padrino has 2 MSP430, on on the ez-FET = MSP430F1612 and the main processor = MSP430F5172
  9. Hello Jbrmark, it's not feaseable, launchpad and the "G" devices have 3V io only and limited to 20pins max from those 11 i/os give or take, one would need to add level shifters to all digital pins and they do not have enough pins to cover all digital + analog. Let's put it this way, you pay a $25 premium for the "PADrINO" but gain access to thousand shields, sounds like a fare deal to me... Regards
  10. Sorry, forgot to say the name comes from Launch(PAD) + r + Ardu(INO). = PADrINO = The God Father in spanish but suggestions are welcome and appreciated. regards
  11. Hello Zeke, all excellent questions. This board has an MSP430 on it, and would behave pretty much as if it was a Luchpad to the MSP430 tools, USB port - yes, it would be programmed with the same tools a Lauchpad is programed today (weapon of your choice), we have not libraries since the libraries are already existing for the Arduino's Shields would need to be ported, we are jut giving engineers and hobbist access to the existing Arduino's shileds and be able to debug with MSP430 tools This is not meant to replace MSP430 Launchpad nor Arduino, they are excellent products. Price will
  12. Thanks, 5V in/out -done, DIP... nope available perhaps TSSOP but that would be the closest. regards
  13. Why would you do that? one might ask... http://shieldlist.org/ to tap into Arduino's ecosystem and be able to use MSP430 and tools.. regards
  14. Gents, looking for inputs, we are about to release the subj. to the market. Inputs? concerns? this is a MSP430 having the Arduino footprint and 5V just as arduino does. now shoot, just be gentle
  15. Hello Bluehash, the CCS projet and block diagram were posted on the 8x8x8 3D LED cube booster pack, architecture and firmware is very similar. regards
  16. Hello cubeberg, check the post on the 8x8x8 3D LED cube, it's similar architecture and firmware, on this project i am using the STP16DP08, though. the CCS project is posted there as well. enjoy.
  17. Hello all, Here are the block diagram and CSS project, enjoy. cube_2553_source_CCS.zip
  18. Hello - yes, all these are open source, not sure if i am allowed to post files yet, though regards
  19. Hello, here are the links, 8x8x8 3d LED cube booster pack 4x4x4 3D LED cube first lift off using launchpad 8x8x8 3D LED cube, our original prototype using intel's 87C520 regards
  20. Hello, i used my favorite pair, 2-STP08dp16 (LED constant sink serial to parallel) and UDN2982 (octal LED source driver), the LED array is configured as common anode, hence a "1" would turn on the led and it's easier to picture it on the code. the FUSIONCore (ie used one and cut it in pieces) board is a board used for UFO flying lights or as a main board on the Cylindric LED Banner we put together as well. regards
  21. Howdy folks, coming back to the embedded world, thanks to one of my beloved friends that challenge me to develop a system forcing me to pull my old box of tricks from the attic a year ago, I used to develop embedded systems for a very nice company that you all know back in Mexico, fourteen years ago moved to another area of semiconductors in the States (still same company now in Dallas), anyways, long history short, after pulling and dedusting my old programmers and UV erasers and all that they look like pieces of museum, started playing with microcontrollers again, Boy what beautiful devices
  22. This is a booster pack to give to the launch pad the ability to simulate the flying lights of an UFO.. but could be used as the "o" on the 43oh This was developed for Modelers/hobbyists but amazingly DJs have been asking for it, applications? the sky is the limit... Link on youtube www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=Ctt24tyoZ9A&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL i guess i am still not legal to post direct links to youtube inputs are welcome. regards
  23. Baseball helmets $5 Launchpad $5 Bondo+FiberGlass $20 FusionCore board $10 LEDs $3 Spending some quality time with the kiddoes and wining the HS costume contest..... priceless BTW. we won the boyscouts costume contest with the second helmet as well... www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=V63sd5VlIuM thanks
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