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  1. Oh my! That Chinglish was Horrible!


    Ya think? but i ain't no paying no $3450... that would be kinna worst... :D


    Hahahaha so you think i am Chinese? i am starting to wish i was since most of our jobs are moving overseas, i was being sarcastic... sorry i just realized your are not an American...




  2. I was just reading Elektor's website and I noticed that they sell a reflow oven. They want US$3495 for it :crazy:


    Still, when you look at what they've made, it looks really nice. They even have oven profile software to drive it.


    Maybe we could "borrow" some ideas to improve on ours?


    Hello Zeke, Naah, profesionally made hobby reflow ovens go for as little as ~$250


    T-962 = ~$250, T-962 INFRARED IC HEATER REFLOW WAVE OVEN BGA T962 800W 180

  3. Hello mtlevine, we are not shipping RGB kits yet, since we are still working on the firmware and the daughter card and revup the main board, and these do not use neither Lauchpad nor Arduino,


    Yep we sold out on eBay over this weekend amazingly 80-90% of our bussiness is overseas, and we have a backorder on power supplies, the price here in the forum is cheaper since we are not paying all the fees to ebay etc. perhaps you might want to start with a single color kit, as zeke pointed the text on the digram had a typo but the figures inside are correct,


    We have single color kits available, the kits come without LEDs, we were giving free LEDs while they lasted, we bought 100K for a discounted price. but they're gone. i might be able to dig one bag out but they are not the brightest... PM me if you're interested, how good are you with the soldering iron?




  4. and we are redesigning the wheel every single time, there is a shield for most everything!, LCD, BT, CDMA, Motor controllers, AUDIO, video, Reflow Oven... :) you name it - DONE...,


    The Launchpad is a unique and special platform. That's why we redesign.


    Thanks Matt, let me ask you this, why do we use Launchpad? is it because is cheap? i refuse to think that is the only reason, i believe we like the MSP430 architecture and the support tools (perhaps i am a dreamer?? :D), in this case i love CCS, hence why would be unique or what makes it special?, if we can readopt the Arduino's form factor and have access to things already designed avoiding to "redesign the wheel" everytime.


    One big draw back from MSP430 is that does not have a lot of processors that support 5V.


    But is interesting to see the reaction of the MSP430 comunity on a thing like that.


    I would like to know what the full spectrum of users think about a system like that? from newbies to the real thing,




    • [*:nwdcy9em]50 mm x 50 mm board size - low cost from Seeed & iTead
      [*:nwdcy9em]Make use of the second MPU (and female headers) included with the Launchpad
      [*:nwdcy9em]Mostly through hole - anyone can build this
      [*:nwdcy9em]Populate with components as needed
      [*:nwdcy9em]Mounting holes for secure attachment
      [*:nwdcy9em]Power, P1.6 & P1.0 LEDs
      [*:nwdcy9em]LED enable jumpers
      [*:nwdcy9em]Reset & P1.3 switch
      [*:nwdcy9em]Coaxial power jack and/or terminal block
      [*:nwdcy9em]Optional Microchip MCP1700/1702 voltage regulator
      [*:nwdcy9em]6 pin power/program/debug/serial connector
      [*:nwdcy9em]UART line swap jumper


    Prototype with Launchpad, build permanent project with this.


    Still have some work to do on this - will post CAD files later.


    oPossum, Very nice job! i would add, though, the little weird port that the Launchpad has next to the headers right-top hand side, that port is so that you can plug in eZMSP_2500 or the eZMSP_2650 wireless boards, or just the emulator Stick, on the launch pad the eZ-FET also doubles as a serial port which in this case we are loosing it all together, i know we do not need a comunication port all the time, but would be a nice feature to have should you need one (the little weird port that is)


    And one more thing, i would call it "Launchpad-PRO" :) although i am not sure if "Launchpad" is a trademark from TI, well we'll see...




  5. Jim, that was an excellent post, mostly true,in the other hand i would ask you how many platforms have you used that are Arduino compatible form factor? i can tell you that for example FEZ does not use the same libraries as Arduino but translated versions, most of the others have their own versions of the IDE.


    the only question you did not answer, why don't we have an MSP430 with ARDUINO form factor? we need to start somewere... I do not think Arduino was an overnight thing, mostly developed by the comunity that is what makes Arduino so popular!! not the MCU or the hardware, but really the community working on it :)


    Merrry Christmast and happy New Year


  6. Jim, thanks for your feedback, but you missed the whole point of showing the other processors with Arduino's footprint??!!, what i am trying to show to the MSP430 comunity that the vast majority of MCU families have a processor with that form factor why would that be??? what are we missing??!! what do they know that we don't?? and we are redesigning the wheel every single time, there is a shield for most everything!, LCD, BT, CDMA, Motor controllers, AUDIO, video, Reflow Oven... :) you name it - DONE...,


    Now look at the post from EngIP on this thread, a single quick and dirty C header gives you access to the basic arduino lenguaje, Can you imagine what an serious effort from a MUCH BIGGER player can do, just hold on there for few months,


    by the way, i do not like Arduino although it brings on my the laziness since much everything is written and available but when doing serious development hits the wall fair and square and not tools to debug,


    the majoriry of the time i like better to write my own Assy or C since i like to keep track of my bits and bytes... I like CCS and the tools to debug which are not existant on ARDUINO but that is a different question. i am guilty of taking ARDUINO developed code and port it to MSP430 just because i like the tool...


    Later. :D


  7. Are we talking about this?


    Hello EngIP - Nope, although that seems to be a an interesting approach,


    For some reason most of the people believe that all the magic is done by Processing, where processing is just used to interpret the Arduino programs and create the hex compiled files for Atmel MCU, all the underlaying C/C++ libraries are pretty much common with a minor MCU code specific.


    Is like using a basic interpreter to read, compile and create the equivalent assembly code for the processor, in this case Processing reads predefined macros and translate that to underlaying C/C++. Perl, Phyton (which is just another abstraction of Perl) or C or any other high level/ high power lenguaje can be used to accomplish the same.


    Well i am not a software expert by any means, though.




  8. But what I am saying is, we now have a library, that Rob gave us, and the MSGEQ7 chip can be had for as low as $2 so the need to spend 12 times that for a shield is in my opinion a little silly.


    Other boards, such as Ethernet, wireless etc that would involve more "work" to interface, due to SMD could in a sense be a good reason to go with Arduino shields, but without software support, the premium price of anything labelled "Arduino" wouldn't really make it worth getting a shield when cheap break out boards already exist and are generally smaller then the shield.




    Hello Jim, not even close not even at bulk quantities since we contacter the manufacturer because we were going to build a booster pack for the lauchpad. but will give you the benefit of the doubt, please point me to were i can buy them that cheap and also the jacks etc.


    But that is not the point, this will be another system out there available to whomever be interested cna't force you to use it :) , and time will tell, there are a lot of boards and different people like different MCUs, beautiful world. ain't?


    regards and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  9. Hello Jim, good point, the goal would be to develop/translate the libraries so other folks coming behind can use them (ie spent the efort once), there are a lot of shields that do not need an extensive development, let's take for example the Audio Analyzer "Spectrum Shield" http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10306, the same chip http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10468 was used by RobG on a proto board etc http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1442&p=9891&hilit=spectrum+analyzer#p9891, if we had developed the library for MSP430, which is not more that 30-40 code lines would be available to the MSP430 comunity and the shield ~$24. yes you can buy the chip from sparkfun for $5 then develop you proto board and or pcb... jacks, headers, board, etc. do the math...


    and as i said, there are efforts to develop an interpreter to run arduino's programs on MSP430 just that is not oficial hence i did not say it, i have not recollection what so ever...




  10. Hello, that is a lot of questions, let's go by pieces,


    1.-PADrINO, is meant to mimic ARDUINO's form factor including pin assigments and voltages, hence 5V -done,

    2.-We do not see the value on adding the standard header just because if you wanted to use standard headers and proto boards it would be recomended to use Launchpad, can not beat the $5 dls and the fact that you are developing the proto booster pack anyways.

    3.-Where PADrINO comes into the picture is if you want to use and existing shield http://shieldlist.org/ using MSP430 and CCS giving you actual debug tools non existant on ARDUINO. look at our booter pack discution forum... very poor and scarce, we are wasting time developing booster packs that are already designed and proven out there. kind of reinventing the wheel or the boiled water.

    4.-The libraries will need to be converted, processing is just another lenguaje working as interpreter/compiler for ARDUINO, the underlaying C/C++ libraries can be ported to any MCU platform, and i do not plan to do that but would expect the comunity to do it.

    5.-there is the EasyMSP or something like that, and there are plans to develop an interpreter of arduino's programs and run them on MSP, but i did not say that (this conversation never happened :) )


    thanks all for your inputs we will be glad to pick all of them and develop a board to fit our needs.


  11. Up for sale 3D LED Cube Kits, they go for $59.99 shipped, this is for the kit completly dissasembled, can put the SMD on for an extra $10 (or you can try your toaster oven :) ), these are kits without LEDs, you can buy those off ebay ~$20-30 range for 1K pcs. that is the only thing you'll need to assemble this kit


    It comes with Firmare for MSP430 (released,stable) and Arduiono (beta)



    PM me if you're interested,


  12. The problem with the Arduino footprint is its use of a shifted by .06 header system.


    So you cannot use cheap .100x.100 grid Prototype PCBs easily. Which doesn't matter if your only goal is to use shields or you fabricate a PCB for every design, but can be a drag when you look at the cost of Arduino compatible prototype boards.




    Hello, Ok i think there is a little missunderstanding, i am not trying to replace Launchpad nor Arduino, say if you had the need of doing some prototyping with standard headers and boards, i would use Launchpad, hey! $5 can't beat that, but let's imagine you wanted to have a CDMA or a phone capability on your embedded system, you could try developing one yourself then plug it into launchpad if you wanted to use MSP430, in the other hand you could just use PADrINO (MSP430) and the already existing shield from Arduino, same is true for motor controllers, LCD screens etc etc etc.


    So in short, i am trying to give the MSP430 comunity access to the already existing Arduino's shields,


    does that make sense?



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