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  1. hello what is the purpose of jumpers JP4-JP11? I guess it allows to select on which pin-array (J2 or J6) one will use GPIO16/17/32/33. It could be done by cutting the proper route, and pads allow to re-solder it (?). If so, do I need to do this if I use GPIO16/32 and 17/33 exclusively?
  2. sch

    sizeof not working?

    Hello, I tried void sizes() { char buff[256]; sprintf(buff,"sizeof(char)=%d\n",sizeof(char)); SCI_putStr(mySci,buff); sprintf(buff,"sizeof(short int)=%d\n",sizeof(short int)); SCI_putStr(mySci,buff); sprintf(buff,"sizeof(int)=%d\n",sizeof(int)); SCI_putStr(mySci,buff); sprintf(buff,"sizeof(long int)=%d\n",sizeof(long int)); SCI_putStr(mySci,buff); sprintf(buff,"sizeof(long long int)=%d\n",sizeof(long long int)); SCI_putStr(mySci,buff); sprintf(buff,"sizeof(float)=%d\n",sizeof(float)); SCI_putStr(mySci,buff); sprintf(buff,"sizeof(double)=%d\n",sizeof(double)); SCI_putStr(mySci,buff); } On my serial terminal I see sizeof(char)=0 sizeof(short int)=0 sizeof(int)=0 sizeof(long int)=0 sizeof(long long int)=0 sizeof(float)=0 sizeof(double)=0 what can be wrong?
  3. hello, here are some bugs I have noticed. 1) controlSUITE/development_kits/C2000_LaunchPad/f2802x_examples/C2kLaunchPadDemo, project settings. Some project paths are invalid for case-sensitive operating systems. There is: .../F2802x_common/... There should be: .../f2802x_common/... 2) controlSUITE/development_kits/C2000_LaunchPad/f2802x_common/cmd/F28027.cmd, line 117. Linker command file typo. There is: .text : >> FLASHA | FLASHC | FLASHD. PAGE = 0 There should be: .text : >> FLASHA | FLASHC | FLASHD, PAGE = 0 3) ~/controlSUITE/development_kits/C2000_LaunchPad/f2802x_common/source/spi.c. line 563. Register name typo prevents from configuring FIFO interrupt level for SCI/Rx. There is: spi->SPIFFTX &= (~SPI_SPIFFRX_IL_BITS); There should be: spi->SPIFFRX &= (~SPI_SPIFFRX_IL_BITS);
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