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  1. Inserted a more detailed picture: Console: **** Build of configuration RAM for project Example_F2802xSci_Echoback **** C:\ti\ccsv5\utils\bin\gmake -k all 'Building file: ../Example_2802xSci_Echoback.c' 'Invoking: C2000 Compiler' "C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c2000_6.1.0/bin/cl2000" -v28 -ml -mt -g --include_path="C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c2000_6.1.0/include" --include_path="C:/ti/controlSUITE/device_support/f2802x/v200" --include_path="C:/ti/controlSUITE/libs/math/IQmath/v15c/include" --define="_DEBUG" --define="LARGE_MODEL" --quiet --verbose_diagnostics --diag_warning=225 --output_all_syms --cdebug_asm_data --preproc_with_compile --preproc_dependency="Example_2802xSci_Echoback.pp" "../Example_2802xSci_Echoback.c" "../Example_2802xSci_Echoback.c", line 143: warning: function declared implicitly ReceivedChar = SCI_read(mySci); ^ "../Example_2802xSci_Echoback.c", line 192: warning: function declared implicitly SCI_write(mySci, a); ^ 'Finished building: ../Example_2802xSci_Echoback.c' ' ' 'Building target: Example_F2802xSci_echoback.out' 'Invoking: C2000 Linker' "C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c2000_6.1.0/bin/cl2000" -v28 -ml -mt -g --define="_DEBUG" --define="LARGE_MODEL" --quiet --verbose_diagnostics --diag_warning=225 --output_all_syms --cdebug_asm_data -z --stack_size=0x200 -m"Example_F2802xSci_echoback.map" --warn_sections -i"C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c2000_6.1.0/lib" -i"C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c2000_6.1.0/include" -i"D:/Arquivos/CCS_workspace_v5_2/Example_F2802xSci_Echoback" -i"C:/ti/controlSUITE/device_support/f2802x/v200/F2802x_common/lib" -i"C:/ti/controlSUITE/libs/math/IQmath/v15c/lib" --reread_libs --verbose_diagnostics --issue_remarks --entry_point=code_start --rom_model -o "Example_F2802xSci_echoback.out" "./Example_2802xSci_Echoback.obj" -l"C:/ti/controlSUITE/device_support/f2802x/v200/f2802x_examples/sci_echoback/../../F2802x_common/cmd/F2802x_generic_ram.cmd" -l"rts2800_ml.lib" -l"IQmath.lib" "C:/ti/controlSUITE/device_support/f2802x/v200/f2802x_headers/cmd/F2802x_Headers_nonBIOS.cmd" "C:/ti/controlSUITE/device_support/f2802x/v200/f2802x_common/lib/driverlib.lib" warning: creating output section "csm_rsvd" without a SECTIONS specification warning: creating output section "csmpasswds" without a SECTIONS specification warning: entry-point symbol other than "_c_int00" specified: "code_start" 'Finished building target: Example_F2802xSci_echoback.out' ' ' **** Build Finished **** Anybody help?
  2. Hello, I am new to application development at Texas Instruments. I bought the C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad Evaluation Kit (LAUNCHXL-F28027), installed the CCS version 5 and controlSUITE too. Have looked at several examples, but only Example_F2802xLaunchPadDemo works. In my project, I want to get data from a ADCPin (using 0 ~ 5V) and show in the Hyperminal (or putty) using SCI port as a string. I want to use the IC LM35 (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm35.pdf) to measure temperature. No, I do not want to use the internal temperature sensor of the C2000. Then I want to be able to send data (like for example: integer the string "55", which would be the new desired temperature value, in °C) in hyperterminal for C2000, and generate a PWM increasing the temperature of a resistor that is close to LM35, with the aid of a BC337 transistor for current gain. I tried to build the example Example_F2802xSci_Echoback to communicate, but it does not work. The Warning that gives are these: I open Hyperterminal, use the COM4 port (the port connected C2000), use baud rate 9600, default, 1 STOP bit, no parity, but shows nothing. See the board: Anyone could help me, please? Thank you.
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