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  1. Has anyone checked out the new cc3000 wifi booster TI is pushing out? It's being pushed out as a MSP430 boosterpack, but im wondering if it could be made to work with the C2000. If the msp430 has enough power to utilize the module, then why not C2000 (or stellaris?) IP connectivity might be just the thing to get the C2000 to really take off with the hobby community. Is anybody familiar with the differences in the pinouts from MSP430 to J1 and J2? Could it be made to work with the C2000 (cut traces and rework in jumpers?) EDIT: So an hour or so's research has shown the the cc3000 booster is
  2. i wrote a little code i would like to share: http://www.djmetzler.net/2012/11/09/c2000-launchpad-assembly-only-software-pwm-tutorial/ cheers -pheo
  3. I had a huge problem getting CCS setup with my new launchpad on Fedora, so i wrote a little tutorial to save anyone else some time. http://www.djmetzler.net/2012/10/28/c2000-launchpad-on-fedora/
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