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  1. Trey, Thank you so much for the explanation. Now I finally understand and can go on with the experiments
  2. Thank you for your response. I added the line 'GPIO_setPullUp(myGpio, GPIO_Number_3, GPIO_PullUp_Disable);' to my code but nothing has changed. Perhaps that is a design feature, and I'm trying to figure out exactly why it works this way.
  3. Hi all I've just started my experiments with C2000 Launchpad. During the analysis of sample code I found that GPIO_setLow(myGpio, GPIO_Number_3) lights up the user LED. However I'd expect that the procedure, which does it should be GPIO_setHigh. Sampling the random GPIO pin (other than user LED) with oscilloscope gives logic 1 after calling GPIO_setHigh. I'm a bit confused about this behavior and I'd appreciate any explanation. Thanks a lot in advance!
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