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    swift got a reaction from ashutosh1426471504 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    if i had a c2000 lauchpad from you lovley TI techs, i would attempt to use it to control an automated garden system;
    - temperature sensors that would maintain the required temp in the green house.
    - temperature adjustement by motor control to open and close the green house windows
    - introduce water and plant feed automaticaly via a sprinkler system that would release at timed intervals.
    - adjust the mood of the garden with lighting control
    - automatic compost turner for the barrel of compost
    - wireless door bell for the garden gate and backdoor of house
    - intruder alarm to alert to the vegatable patch being invaded by unwanted guests (cats digging the soil, ect)
    i think there may be more automated tasks the c2000 could accomplish in the garden, can anyone throw in any other ideas? although i wouldn't want all of the tasks in the garden automated whilst i was there all time, it might take the fun out of being there and gardening! it would be useful for when your away on a long week or working on a project in the workshop, and there is no one else about that can show it the tender care and affection it derserves.
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