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  1. Up Date


    I have found this to be Verry helpful in my programming Quest.

    I don't know if you all have it in your data here but if not it will be useful for anyone else in my shoes.



    Also is their a CCS standard reserved keyword list?¿

    or is it the same as the standard C++ reserved keyword list?¿


    Also I should be starting the write this weekend.

    I am to the 124th page. B)

    20 more pages to go. :blink:

  2. Hello Trey


    WoW You are a Man on the Move!


    The Control Suite issue,,, the only thing in resource explorer is for the MSP chip,,, I must be honest here,,, I think in my case it was the operator.

    Because the first time I opened it up I did not have the C2K connected,, and I was just looking at it and the only option was the MSP chip.

    But now thats all it sees is the MSP chip,,, I just don't have a MSP.


    I can access all the files in CCS v5.


    My system is the

    AMD 64 X2 939 pin


    but I am running XPSP3 32 bit


    Mother board is Asus A8n-SLI


    Ram Memory 2GB




    most of the 5.6mm or 9mm Laser diodes are are designed for DVD burners the faster the wright speed the more powerful the diode but they are designed to reach their max power in a pulse wave setting,,,


    see the emitter will store a small amount of energy for about 10 to 30 ns then when the Diode turns back on (peak point of stored energy) it has that energy plus everything you are giving it.


    Timing is everything,, to fast of a frequency over heats and shortens the diode life,,, to slow and over heating occurs again.




    a digital loop around a buck boost driver? thats close to what I had in mind.


    I want a current reg to maintain a user set max amperage for each laser output,

    I have some PTL8002-25 that will control the adj pin to a 5 amp Voltage regulator LM1084adj. their will be 2 per color.


    total Max power out 30 Amp.

    The Current reg is a safety so even if their is a malfunction with my programing I won't overdrive my Lasers


    I was looking at maybe one day using the PTH12040W for 50 Amp per Laser.


    That will be for use in a second project to bond Oxygen molecules to emission molecules to mimic the Try-Oxygen molecules that makes up our Ozone.


    That one will control 5, 40 Watt Lasers and a ion generator




    we solve problems on a molecular level.

  3. ControlSuite Yes I have a copy along with CCSv5

    It just doesn't seem to see the C2K so it does not give me any options.


    now I can access the files in CCS thats how I got as far as I have to this point. Confused. LOL


    Is the codes close to the Arduino codes?


    Thanks for the help.

  4. I must be honest here I am no programmer,,, so please excuse me if I make this a learning experiance.


    I plan to use the C2K to conrtol 3 Lasers and X & Y galvo mirrors.


    What I need is to monitor 3 ACD inputs I want to use adcinA0 adcina1 and adcinA3 because they are next to each other.


    But I don't know the code to monitor the ADC inputs.

    is their a Doc with a list of basic codes?¿


    All 3 Lasers requier more Amperage then the C2K can handle so I know I have to design the LD Driver Board.

    I have that part under control.


    I was planning to use TPL8002-25 to control the output power to the Lasers.

    I figure if I have 64 levels of red and 64 levels of blue and 64 levels of green that will give me 262,144 different colors


    Trey informed me that the C2K's ADC inputs are 0 to 3.3 Volt max,,

    so as per Trey I am intergrading 3 voltage dividers.

  5. Oh! MO! I usd to live in Rolla(2 hours from St. Louis). Yeay for the Arch.

    Welcome to C2kC Frosty. Congrats on the kid.

    I'm eager to see what you come up with the C2000.. PWM and lasers go together.


    Rolla is one of me favorite City's... Collage girls! Man I wish I was 20+ years younger,,,, LOL LOL

    Did you ever make a friday WhiteCastle Run? :) We use to hang out at the White Castle on friday and saturday nights just to meet/Flirt with the collage girls. Man the good old days,,, where did they go?


    I'm Glad to be here, Thank you. Trey informed me of this sight. Thanks Trey you Rock. Oh and Thanks for all the help at TI's E2E sight.



  6. Hello All

    My name is Jeff Lampe.

    I go by Frosty for short,, I got the name FrostyTheDadMan from one of my best friends 6 months after my Son was born, He is still my Pride and Joy 11 years later. ;o)

    Just in case anyone was woundering.


    I am also FrostyTheDadMan on WWW.Laserholics.com

    Here is a link to a simulataion I did for Phil Dixon of the FAA that was a 50mW 532nm laser at 1000 feet. We also had a major hand in the new Laser Laws the post after the phone call from phil Dixon


    My 40 Watt 808nm and a laser Vortex. the Vortex Laser is a 445nm at 1.4 Watt. The driver is my design and is small enough to fit on the end of your finger but it can push up to 3 Amp @ 5.5 Volt and pulses from 5Mhz to 200Mhz the XJA-140 445nm diodes like 40 to 50 Mhz.

    I call it the Mighty Micro Drive.


    I have been playing with Electronics sence my father got his Bell & Howell's Heath Kit GR-2000 TV. Yes I am almost as old as dirt. LOL


    We have come a long way sence then,,, Now I am trying my hand programing.

    I have a lot to learn,, I hope you all can teach an Old Dog new tricks. LOL


    I have a C2K launchpad and I want to program it to control a Laser Projector.


    Red 650nm 1.8 Watt, Blue 445nm 1 watt, and green 532nm 1 Watt


    The total power output will be close to 3.5 Watt to 4 Watt depending on the proper color mix.


    The Mirrors will be X & Y Galvos.

    I will save the rest for the proper time and place.



    I'm Jeff or Frosty which ever you prefer.

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