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  1. Got it Thank you. http://it.becs.ac.in/content/Digital_Library/book/C_ritchie_book.pdf
  2. Up Date I have found this to be Verry helpful in my programming Quest. I don't know if you all have it in your data here but if not it will be useful for anyone else in my shoes. http://www.cplusplus.com/files/tutorial.pdf Also is their a CCS standard reserved keyword list?¿ or is it the same as the standard C++ reserved keyword list?¿ Also I should be starting the write this weekend. I am to the 124th page. 20 more pages to go.
  3. Hello Trey WoW You are a Man on the Move! The Control Suite issue,,, the only thing in resource explorer is for the MSP chip,,, I must be honest here,,, I think in my case it was the operator. Because the first time I opened it up I did not have the C2K connected,, and I was just looking at it and the only option was the MSP chip. But now thats all it sees is the MSP chip,,, I just don't have a MSP. I can access all the files in CCS v5. My system is the AMD 64 X2 939 pin but I am running XPSP3 32 bit Mother board is Asus A8n-SLI Ram Memory 2GB -------------
  4. Contests oPossum I can't wait to see it in action. You will do a video for us,,,, Yes?¿
  5. ControlSuite Yes I have a copy along with CCSv5 It just doesn't seem to see the C2K so it does not give me any options. now I can access the files in CCS thats how I got as far as I have to this point. Confused. LOL Is the codes close to the Arduino codes? Thanks for the help.
  6. I must be honest here I am no programmer,,, so please excuse me if I make this a learning experiance. I plan to use the C2K to conrtol 3 Lasers and X & Y galvo mirrors. What I need is to monitor 3 ACD inputs I want to use adcinA0 adcina1 and adcinA3 because they are next to each other. But I don't know the code to monitor the ADC inputs. is their a Doc with a list of basic codes?¿ All 3 Lasers requier more Amperage then the C2K can handle so I know I have to design the LD Driver Board. I have that part under control. I was planning to use TPL8002-25 to control the out
  7. their is different chips on this board but its a plug in with only 5 pins I don't know if anyone likes Ebay but this guy has been good to me so far. . http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1423.l2649 I can see it now Santa sleigh in the falling snow,,, in 3D,, Now thats a Christmas decoration I might end up needing a 4th C2K but at 17 bucks who cares.
  8. Rolla is one of me favorite City's... Collage girls! Man I wish I was 20+ years younger,,,, LOL LOL Did you ever make a friday WhiteCastle Run? We use to hang out at the White Castle on friday and saturday nights just to meet/Flirt with the collage girls. Man the good old days,,, where did they go? I'm Glad to be here, Thank you. Trey informed me of this sight. Thanks Trey you Rock. Oh and Thanks for all the help at TI's E2E sight. Frosty
  9. I would use it to make a second 3.8 Watt projector and link them through a WIFI. then I would have to buy a third so I could have 3D.
  10. Hello All My name is Jeff Lampe. I go by Frosty for short,, I got the name FrostyTheDadMan from one of my best friends 6 months after my Son was born, He is still my Pride and Joy 11 years later. ;o) Just in case anyone was woundering. I am also FrostyTheDadMan on WWW.Laserholics.com Here is a link to a simulataion I did for Phil Dixon of the FAA that was a 50mW 532nm laser at 1000 feet. We also had a major hand in the new Laser Laws the post after the phone call from phil Dixon My 40 Watt 808nm and a laser Vortex. the Vortex Laser is a 445nm at 1.4 Watt. The driver is my design an
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