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    james1426471350 reacted to PowerX in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    I would use it to control stair lightings with led`s on every stair and 3 ir sensors, bottom, top and in the middle, if one of them is activated the led`s will light up in order depending in witch direction you are going and wait untill you reach the seccond sensors then power down in the direction you went, if both sensors are activated in an amount of time the led`s will all light up. Manual control will also be posible and seting up the delay, a future desired project will be comunicating with my ez430 chronos watch, manual overwrite control of the stairs and detection if a person activates one of the sensors.
    Another project that i would like control my shower lights, audio(radio or mp3), and fan control if it gets too hot, by saved presets ( one for me, one for my girlfriend and one for both ) interfaced with the pc.
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    james1426471350 reacted to dhewgill1426459865 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    I would try to make it the heart of a programmable 3-phase power supply as a piece of lab equipment. Some ideas for features:
    - per phase power factor variation.
    - per phase voltage magnitude.
    - variable frequency.
    - fixed current output.
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    james1426471350 reacted to FrostyTheDadMan in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    I would use it to make a second 3.8 Watt projector and link them through a WIFI.
    then I would have to buy a third so I could have 3D.
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    james1426471350 reacted to SugarAddict in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    I was pondering using it for smarter front porch lighting... Since I've got one now. Still reading up and looking around though.
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    james1426471350 reacted to msptest6 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    Ok people.. three more days. Not a big deal to participate.
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    james1426471350 reacted to msptest6 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    A small giveaway...
    Tell us what you will do with your C2000 Launchpad or if you had one. If we like your idea, we'll ship it to you free. Simple.
    Bender has already started a thread here. Go ahead and continue here. Also, big thanks to TI for sending over a C2000 Launchpad.
    Contest ends August 31st, 2012
    Winner - Opossum for his LogicBoost Logic Analyzer.
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    james1426471350 reacted to oPossum in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    My first project would be to get the LogicBoost logic analyzer to work with the C2000 Launchpad - because the MSP430 Launchpad app UART sucks and the C2000 Launchpad FT2232 UART rocks.
    The SMCLK output on P1.4 is used to clock the acquisition memory on the LogicBoost. This was done to allow up to 16 Msps sample rate. Using PWM on the MSP430 would have limited it to 8 Msps, The plan is to jumper one of the ePWM outputs of the C2000 to the P1.4 pin so it can provide a clock up to 20 MHz - the maximum spec for the SPI RAM chips. So using the C2000 will increase the sample rate a little and greatly improve the transfer rate to the host PC.
    I am also interested in using ePWM as an audio 'DAC' for music synth applications. Hope to get 14 bits resolution with simple PWM and maybe use the CLA to do delta-sigma modulation for 18+ bits resolution. That would make the C2000 Launchpad and Piccolo control stick great platforms for eXperimentation with digital music synthesis.
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    james1426471350 reacted to pjkim in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    I am working on a servo motor controller. Stepper motors are used commonly in projects because of low cost and ease of interfacing to microcontrollers. As easy as they are to use, they have significant deficiencies compared to servo motors (DC motors with rotary encoder feedback, not hobby servo) in terms of maximum speed and torque. Servo motors have not found widespread use in the hobby community because of the cost of servo motors and controllers.
    I want to make them more accessible. Scooter motors can be had for $20-30 and have over an order of magnitude more torque than stepper motors of comparable price. I want to couple the shaft to an optical encoder from an old mouse. The quadrature signal from the encoder will go into the Launchpad along with step and direction pulses from a computer. The Launchpad will calculate the error signal and calculate a PWM output signal using a PID (proportional integral derivative) algorithm. The PWM signal will drive a L298N motor controller which can be ganged to provide 4A of motor current at up to 45V.
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    james1426471350 got a reaction from grim in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    my project would be to use the c2000 to create games that test reaction time, memory, target accurracy, coordination. also would like to try creating a musical instrument that uses senors to play tunes, then i would like to try and create a mini studio to explore and experiment with lighting control, dimmers and sound reactive lighting, using motor control for accurate positioning of lights, also a motor controled dolly/rail//arm for a camera to try to get some unique angles in photography, also would like to try to create a interactive art installation, would then like try to produce an interactive educational interaface that makes learning fun. for all ages. if imagine some more fun projects then i would probably try them aswell.
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