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  1. i would also like to use the c2000 as a stepper motor driver, would it work well with the drv8824, how many axis would you be able to run from one board, i would like try 5 or 6 axis maybe even a robot arm, i also like pkjims idea of a servo motor, i would like to drive more than 4 axis there are alot of 3 - 4 axis cnc setups, how about 5-6 or more, will the c2000 handle this, can it be linked with other c2000 in sycronised tasking?
  2. i would use the c2000 in differnt projects to explore and experiment with different peripherals, create an interactive art demo - a game of sorts, reaction time, memory, accuracy, coordiation, timing/rhythm- a mini lighting studio, light recative to sound, also a touch/light sensitive musical instrument. i would like use the motor controller to operate a dolly/rail/arm to move a camera in different directions, to get some unique angled pictures.
  3. hello all, just starting out with microcontrollers, interfacing computer/device with external peripherals, have some ideas for art and education, also a few personal projects that would like to see through. all the best james
  4. my project would be to use the c2000 to create games that test reaction time, memory, target accurracy, coordination. also would like to try creating a musical instrument that uses senors to play tunes, then i would like to try and create a mini studio to explore and experiment with lighting control, dimmers and sound reactive lighting, using motor control for accurate positioning of lights, also a motor controled dolly/rail//arm for a camera to try to get some unique angles in photography, also would like to try to create a interactive art installation, would then like try to produce an
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