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  1. Hi Stunner.. Got mine a few weeks back too. welcome.
  2. Can you merge RAMM0 and PRAML0? MEMORY { PAGE 0 : /* For this example, L0 is split between PAGE 0 and PAGE 1 */ /* BEGIN is used for the "boot to SARAM" bootloader mode */ BEGIN : origin = 0x000000, length = 0x000002 RAMM0 : origin = 0x000050, length = 0x0003B0 PRAML0 : origin = 0x008000, length = 0x000900 RESET : origin = 0x3FFFC0, length = 0x000002 IQTABLES : origin = 0x3FE000, length = 0x000B50 /* IQ Math Tables in Boot ROM */ IQTABLES2 : origin = 0x3FEB50, length = 0x00008C /* IQ Math Tables in Boot ROM */ IQTABLES3 : origin = 0x3FEBDC, length = 0x0000AA /* IQ Math Tables in Boot
  3. That's nice to hear. Any idea whether there will be one or two drives per boosterpack. That would help alot of robot projects spring up.
  4. I seem to be getting the above warning with IQmath. Any idea how this can be removed. Is it anything critical?
  5. Hello, as mentioned before, I'm working on talking with my vehicle's ecu and was looking around for a reasonably priced CAN analyzer. Any mentions would help. Thanks for your time.
  6. Hello, I'm new here. I have an F2808 wired to a SN65hvd1050 which connects to my car's OBD2 port. Do I need a termination resistor on my end of the board? If yes, what will be the value of the resistor?
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