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  1. Got my Piccolo, but no CCS code. Still waiting. Many on the 43oh forums have got theirs.
  2. Looking forward to this! I also just got my Piccolo.
  3. I just got mine. It is going to go into a robot for motor control. What about you?
  4. Works out of the box after import to CCSv5. Thanks for this.
  5. This was on the Blog. Admin may have forgot to put it here. I've registered btw. Thanks for the deal.
  6. Well.. thanks for going out of your way and trying and updating it here. Marketing sometimes does not grasp enthusiasts needs.
  7. Something like that. For eg, I have two F28335 control cards. If I need them to talk to one another, I'm unable to. Thanks for this. Having a contact from TI here is very helpful.
  8. Hello, Is it possible to buy the docking station separately. I'm unable to find one on the eStore. Could anyone please point me to one if It's available. Thanks!
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