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  1. I havn't thought of anything yet, but there seems much that can be done with it especially with the ADC and PWM frontend.
  2. Thanks Trey. One other question.. if I were to use any of the MSP430 BPs, do they fit only on the outer row?.. or inner row. I ask because if a designed wants to make his/her board compatible with C2000/Stellaris, there will have to be dual rows on each side of the BP.
  3. I have a few msp430 boosterpacks - some from TI and some from 43oh(msp430 community). Are those boosterpacks pin compatible with the C2000 Launchpad? Thanks!
  4. I got one! Thanks Trey!... the LED BoosterPacks are out of stock though.
  5. if I but a kit, do I get CCS free? or will it be code limited. I cannot seem to find a list of supported emulators with a full featured Code Composer Studio.
  6. I'm so waiting for this.
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