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  1. This shouldn't be too difficult to modify. Although not too tough, you should be able to break wires out before/after the isolators.
  2. If you really need one urgently, may I suggest the Picollo Control Stick. It retails for $39 at the TIEstore. Also, keep an eye on TIDeals. They come up with really good deals. The Picollo sold for $33 last week. It is now sold out.
  3. Never thought about using the TZ sub-module. Thanks!
  4. Is it possible to set six PWM pins high at the same time rather than individually setting them high one after the other. Thanks!
  5. This was over at the 43oh Forums- great community. A good deal on the Rigol scope used by many hobbyists. Rigol DS1052E $315 shipped!
  6. I think I can help you here. You probably have not set your boot switches properly. I went through the same process See attached pic. Pull TRSTm down on sw3 Pull all pins on sw1 down.
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