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    grim got a reaction from Groverkaw in 15% off Newark orders until September 30 with code NEW2P   
    Via Reddit
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    grim reacted to TI_Trey in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    I'm taking myself out of the running for the free LaunchPad...I'm up to my eyeballs in LaunchPads, BUT Here's what I would do:
    Class D Audio Amplifier (switching amplifier...very efficient)
    Stepper Motor Driver (for use with RepRaps or other 3D printers/CNC equipment)
    iOS Audio Data Interface (Ya know how the Square payment thing works?!? You would use the PWM as a poor man's DAC and the ADC to modulate/demodulate audio signals. This could be used to send digital data to and from an iPhone/iPad without Apple's security chip....I think this has been done, but it would be cool to see support for it on the LaunchPad.)

    Hope that spurs some ideas!
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    grim reacted to james1426471350 in [Closed]Tell us your idea and win a free C2000 Launchpad.   
    my project would be to use the c2000 to create games that test reaction time, memory, target accurracy, coordination. also would like to try creating a musical instrument that uses senors to play tunes, then i would like to try and create a mini studio to explore and experiment with lighting control, dimmers and sound reactive lighting, using motor control for accurate positioning of lights, also a motor controled dolly/rail//arm for a camera to try to get some unique angles in photography, also would like to try to create a interactive art installation, would then like try to produce an interactive educational interaface that makes learning fun. for all ages. if imagine some more fun projects then i would probably try them aswell.
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    grim got a reaction from 10-4 in Which debugger to choose for Launchpad?   
    I believe I used XDS100-v2 or something like that.
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    grim reacted to msptest6 in Real-Time Control - A C2000 Debugging Gem   
    A test to display a live temperature graph. The chip is pretty warm, so much so that when I place my finger on it, the temp. goes down - meaning my finger is acting as a heat sink. The temp value is the first value of the temperature array. Pretty cool.

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    grim reacted to TI_Trey in [Launchpad] Unable to get ADC examples to work   
    Sorry about the troubles with the examples. The driver library is still very new and will grow as it matures and becomes easier to use.
    I took a look at the examples and it looks like they are missing a few clock enables.
    Try replacing this:

    // Perform basic system initialization WDOG_disable(myWDog); CLK_enableAdcClock(myClk);
    with this:

    // Perform basic system initialization WDOG_disable(myWDog); CLK_enableAdcClock(myClk); CLK_enableTbClockSync(myClk); CLK_enablePwmClock(myClk, PWM_Number_1);
    I apologize for how dirty those examples are. The other examples for the LaunchPad aren't that way and I will get these fixed in the next release.
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    grim reacted to TI Motor: Chris Clearman in Sensored BLDC BoosterPack   
    This is a single inverter (DRV8302 + NEXFETs) for the BoosterPack. 24V 10A.
    We have a different development board with two inverters (single controlCARD inferface), each 24V 10A that is also in progress. This one will also include an optional dyno bench, using one of the inverters as the dyno and the other under test/control.
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    grim reacted to msptest6 in [Launchpad] Unable to get ADC examples to work   
    Is the PWM clock enabled?


    CLK_enablePwmClock(myClk, PWM_Number_1);
    Does it help?
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    grim got a reaction from TomKraut in [Piccolo] as I2C slave   
    There are a few threads on the E2E forums. The best thing you can do to broaden your search is look for other chips in the same family for examples. The modules are the same.
    F28335 I2C Slave
    Also, make sure your PLL is inited when you do your I2C peripheral init, otherwise you will be pulling out you hair for days.
    Also, Configuring the TMS320F280x DSP as an I2C Master or Slave Processor
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    grim reacted to TI_Trey in atan() function taking alot of time to execute   
    If you are just calling atan and including math.h you are using the default atan implementation present in the run time support library. This code is very well optimized for our devices. Depending on if you have floating point or not there are a couple options for faster math. Check out the math directory in controlsuite/libs. There are implementations of atan for the CLA, IQMath, and FPU. If you use the FPUFastRTS library make sure it is first in the link order otherwise the standard atan function might get linked in instead of the fast one.
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    grim reacted to TI_Trey in Build attribute vendor section TI missing in "IQmath.lib": compatibility cannot be determined   
    I had this same problem the other day!
    I'm of the opinion that all the code TI releases should build without warning, and this breaks that rule. I've brought this up with our software manager and we are debating recompiling with a newer tools version.
    For now, like Grim said, just ignore the error.
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    grim got a reaction from msptest6 in Getting back the serial terminal in CCSv5   
    43oh has a blog post on this - Get Back Code Composer’s Serial Terminal
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    grim reacted to msptest6 in TI F28M35x Concerto Control Card blinky example   
    Welcome to C2KC, Grim.
    Lets see... did you run the setup_m3 project first? This releases GPIO to the C2000. I'm not sure which example you are running. In the F28M35x_examples_Control, you will find setup_m3 along with blinky.


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