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  1. I believe I used XDS100-v2 or something like that.
  2. Where can I find these examples? Thanks.
  3. Better. the ePWM1 registers now change. But still adc_isr still does not trigger. Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Some more debug info. When I step through the code in the AdcTempSensorExample, the PWM registers do not populate. myPwm however points to the right register address... 0x6800 The below code makes no change in the PWM registers: // EPwm1Regs.ETSEL.bit.SOCAEN = 1; // Enable SOC on A group PWM_enableSocAPulse(myPwm); // EPwm1Regs.ETSEL.bit.SOCASEL = 4; // Select SOC from from CPMA on upcount PWM_setSocAPulseSrc(myPwm, PWM_SocPulseSrc_CounterEqualCmpAIncr); // EPwm1Regs.ETPS.bit.SOCAPRD = 1; // Generate pulse on 1st event PWM_setSocAPeriod(myP
  5. I'm unable to get the two ADC examples in the C2K Launchpad folder to work. - Example_2802xAdcTempSensor - Example_F2802xAdcSoc adc_isr fails to trigger.
  6. Whoops good catch. Corrected post.
  7. Yes, unfortunately the initial batch shipped without the jumpers. You can source them cheaply from mdfly. digikey.
  8. Awesome! news. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
  9. Found this is the C2000 Launchpad user guide: I have not got mine yet.. any one wants to check it for me? Thanks!
  10. There are a few threads on the E2E forums. The best thing you can do to broaden your search is look for other chips in the same family for examples. The modules are the same. F28335 I2C Slave Also, make sure your PLL is inited when you do your I2C peripheral init, otherwise you will be pulling out you hair for days. Also, Configuring the TMS320F280x DSP as an I2C Master or Slave Processor
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