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    spiff reacted to oPossum in The C2000 Launchpad is Here   
    - Isolated XDS100 - nice
    - Unrestricted CCS
    - Comes with USB cable - hear that ST?
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    spiff reacted to TI_Trey in DIMM socket part number   
    I think these connectors are near end of life. We do sell them, but I think they are hard to find through normal distributors. You can get a 5 pack from TI here:
    and the Molex part number is: 87630-1001
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    spiff got a reaction from ecu-1 in CAN bus termination resistor   
    Yes.. 120ohms is the standard value for a termination resistor used to reduce reflections.
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    spiff reacted to TI_Trey in Hi!   
    Welcome to C2KC! Looking forward to seeing some of the cool projects people are doing with our devices.
    Also, keep your eyes peeled everyone. We are working on some great new stuff for the educational and hobbiests markets that will be released soon...

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