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  1. Finally! When will these be made available in the Ti-Store? Also any idea on the price.
  2. spiff


    That is good news. Thanks Trey!
  3. Totally missed out seeing that. Thanks Trey!
  4. Where can I find the part number for the DIMM socket on the experimenter board? I looked at the BOM, but the part number "P1"[~controlCARDs\CC2833xHWdevPkg\F28335controlCARD HWDevPkg ZJZ [R2.2]] was not listed.
  5. Yes.. 120ohms is the standard value for a termination resistor used to reduce reflections.
  6. As the title suggests, can I do this?
  7. I'm working on the SCI-A module on the 28335 and was wondering if I could use printf to pipe data through the SCI-A port. Is there a simple example to do this? Thanks!
  8. spiff


    Thanks! This is awesome news.
  9. I'm not next to my PC. If I remember correctly... The installer creates a separate folder for CCSv5. When you open your workspace in CCSv5, you will be prompted to convert your CCSv4 projects. HTH.
  10. It would be nice to have a blog attached to this forum for announcements or neat projects. Will there be one?
  11. spiff


    I'm new here. Looking forward to the start of a great Forum. The C2000 series is a very capable chip and am glad there is a forum out for it.
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