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  1. * LaunchPad board name and version: `EK-TM4C1294XL` * Energia IDE version (found in Energia > About Energia menu): `1.6.10E18` * Board package version (found in Tools > Boards > Boards Manager menu): `1.0.2` * OS name and version: `Windows 10 Pro` I am expecting the ability to use all of the i2c modules on the TM4C1294, but when I enter a Wire.setModule(n) greater than 3 the board becomes unresponsive. I can then no longer program any other sketches onto the board until I run the LM Flash Tool debug port unlock. Wire.setModule(0) thru 3 do not cause this problem.
  2. Using the TM4C1294 --- The DHCP chat server example does not work if DHCP fails... it seems you cannot call Ethernet.begin() more than once in the program or else it stops working there. Its stuck inside some kind of timeout in the Ethernet library from what I can tell anyone have any ideas?
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