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  1. I am using Keil uVision 5 IDE and the microcontroller is the TM4C123GH6M. At the moment, all I am trying to do is to get some analogue to digital conversion happening on a single input pin. I am using the datasheet with this tutorial on youtube as a guide, here: I understand all the steps except for using an interrupt to know when each A to D conversion has ended. I have read the Keil user guide on what interrupts are and how you can use them: http://www.keil.com/support/man/docs/c51/c51_le_interruptfuncs.htm And as usual, I really don't understand what it said. It gave me a general idea on what interrupts are but not on how to use them. In the past I have found Keil, both the IDE itself and the "help and support" webpage they give to be extremely user unfriendly and entirely unhelpful. Or maybe I am just terrible at programming! I also looked up the address of the interrupt in the interrupt vector address table in the datasheet and the one I want to use is for the ADC 1 Sequencer 3, the address is 0x0000.010C. It is interrupt number 51 in the register. The tutorial mentions finding a cstartup_M.c file at around 15 minute, 40 second mark, including it in the source group and modifying it, but I can't find it anywhere in any of the project folders or directories. Basically, the most important thing is I want to know how to use interrupts and if any of you have the time, I would like to know what exactly he is doing when he starts talking about interrupts at the 15.25 mark and including this source file. Thanks a lot for reading.
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