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  1. Looking at the tutoria that uses BlueMix, http://energia.nu/creating-an-iot-connected-sensor-with-energia-mqtt/ I loved BlueMix, but my trial expired... was wondering if there was another Platform As A Service / Host that allows you to develop Node.JS apps using Node-RED and host them for free? Sounds like alot to ask, but for learning I only need a few MBs of storage, and a few MB of bandwidth. I've searched thru quite a few, but not at all sure if they are the same as BlueMix ? If not, is there a low-cost leader for simple, node.js hosting? Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Herok
  2. I'm interested in getting the mixed c/assembly output (msp430-objdump -dS example.elf) however, it's only listing the assembly code, with none of the C code.. apparently, this is because the elf must be generated with the -g option. I found a custom makefile ( https://github.com/elpaso/energia-makefile), but hoping it's such a common task that there's a simpler way that just involves the Energia IDE. The reason I'm interested in reviewing the final code is to see how Energia knows what WiFi to intialize. In my code, I've only #included Wifi.h and SPI.h, yet somehow the same code w
  3. I found this tutorial http://energia.nu/creating-an-iot-connected-sensor-with-energia-mqtt/ but it doesn't seem to show or list recipes how to do the android sms / twitter notifications shown in the video Also, any plans for a temboo / iftt tutorial? Something that could graph msp430 data to the cloud ( EmonCMS , plotly , desmos, tableau, etc)!
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I thought I would get notification of any new comments in my email Yes, if you still have a few assembled boards, just PM me (or email blipton at lycos) with the total to shipping to California. Thanks! BTW, what motor did you use for testing?
  5. Are the booster boards still available for purchase? I have an MSP430 launchpad, and I've been thinking to get a openbldc board or a ti drv8301 pack but would much prefer to use an open source board! Looking at the github files for the BLDC-Booster
  6. I'd like to compile the Ethercard library using IAR workbench and see if the performance is any different than that of the Energia platform. We have an evaluation version of IAR so hoping this could yield an interesting comparison between the commercial and free tool for the MSP430. I'm not an expert in the MSP430, but I do have it connected to an enc28j60 board and the backsoon/ping works fine. On my todo list is to create an example that pushes a lot of data back and forth. In any case, my first crack at the port gives me compile errors that I'm not sure what they mean or how to so
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