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  1. Hello, sorry for my late reply. as a attachement you'll find the librarys and my sketch (Wecker1113_cloud.zip). It is an uncompleted dual alarm clock with multiple alarm times stored in an online database (zoho creator). If I import the libraries and try to compile I get the "not declared in this scope" errors. I hope somebody can help. regards Ingo WebSocketClient.zip Timezone.zip Time.zip SimpleTimer.zip Wecker1113_cloud.zip
  2. Hi all, i tried to compile my old sketch for my CC3200 with the new Energia 1.6.10E18. After installing the board and importing the libraries I get for all functions in the imported libraries a "not declared in this scope" error during compilation. The sketch uses four external libraries and for all of them I have the same problem. The same sketch was compiled without errors within Energia 15. I think there is something wrong with the library import. Can somebody help me. Regards Ingo
  3. Hi, I even tried to use the LCD_5110_SPI library but I have the same problem. I don't get any functionality at all (same like with LCD_5110). Of course I modified the LCD_5110_SPI_main.ino sketch as follows and I don't get any compile error or warning. /// /// @mainpage Nokia LCD 5110 SPI /// /// @details Library for Nokia 5110 LCD with hardware SPI /// @n /// @n /// @n @a Developed with [embedXcode](http://embedXcode.weebly.com) /// /// @author Rei VILO /// @author embedXcode.weebly.com /// @date Jan 12, 2013 /// @version 105 /// /// @copyright © Rei VILO, 2012 /// @copyright CC = BY NC S
  4. Hi community, I have a problem using the LCD_5110 Display library with my CC3200 Launchpad. The Compiler does not throw any error but the main Example sketch is not working. The Display just stay white like dead. I double checked the pin configuration but I con not find the problem. With the example Sketch: https://github.com/sparkfun/GraphicLCD_Nokia_5110/blob/master/Firmware/Nokia_5110_Arduino_Example/Nokia_5110_Arduino_Example.ino everything works fine but with the same pin configuration and wiring the example sketch https://github.com/energia/Energia/blob/master/examples/7.Display/LC
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