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  1. Hello all, I#ve got issues working with i2c (in another thread) but I wonder if anyone has gotten i2c working between 2 tivac connected boards using the master_writer and slave_receiver sketches? I can't seem to get any i2c working at all with the 1.8.7e21 version of energia. Can you make it work? Cheers Sol
  2. Solexious

    I2C issue with tiva C

    Was asking as I posted it back in July Hopefully they notice it soon 🤞
  3. Solexious

    I2C issue with tiva C

    Hey all, I've currently got an issue where i2c just isn't working with energia, I've opened an issue on github but haven't gotten any replies. Is there a better way to get some eyes on this? Would anyone here mind taking a look? https://github.com/energia/tivac-core/issues/41 Cheers Sol
  4. Confirmed, I can send and receive broadcast packets only if Ethernet is started with dhcp rather than fixed ip addresses. Any ideas as to what's causing this and a fix? Sol
  5. Digging deeper into this, if I start the Ethernet with a fixed ip I get the previous result, but if I start it with it obtaining an ip via dhcp I can now send out packets from my launchpad to I've yet to test receiving broadcasts. Having to use hdcpd is an ok workaround, but for a correct operation I would need it to work when using a fixed ip... Sol
  6. hello all, Using energia with the tiva c launchpad and the included ethernetudp library, polling read doesn't seem to react to any broadcast packets (sent to in my setup). Likewise sending packets to that address with udp.write doesn't get detected with my pc. Trying to dig though the energia source code to confirm if it's setup to allow send and receive of broadcasts. Anyone know? Best Sol