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  1. That's great, thanks, works for me now.. ..If anyone needs this in future.. mspdebug tilib --force-reset "prog C:\Blink.cpp.hex" The manual for mdsdebug can be found here: http://mspdebug.sourceforge.net/manual.html Note the use of quotations around the entire prog command and filename parameter, it caught me out... Thanks again, Michael
  2. Hi, Thanks for reply.. The output you list is for the building part (hence calls to gcc), I need the output that comes after that, during the upload process. The line might begin something like this.. E:\energia-0101E0014\hardware\tools\msp430\mspdebug [followed by params here..] As I mentioned before, I have enabled "upload.verbose=true" which normally works on other arduino IDE's, I'm not sure if energia IDE supports this param or if it has different name.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a command line example for uploading to msp4302553 on a launchpad. Can anyone advise how to enable the output window to show the params being passed to the command shell? Or alternatively paste an example here for me please? I usually modify the preferences.txt file to make "upload.verbose=true" then copy and paste into a command prompt / terminal window. This works for arduino avr/pic32 etc. But for the energia IDE it doesn't seem to show (I only get feedback from the uploader). I'm guessing the mspdebug.exe program is used since it appears quickly in
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