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    rajendra1426460047 reacted to spirilis in [Energia Library] CMSIS-DSP for Energia   
    Hi folks-
    I sat down and played around with this today for kicks.  Here's a CMSIS_DSP library (includes the .c files from ARM's CMSIS-DSP distribution, header files, and a single CMSIS_DSP.h that includes arm_math.h to make it simpler) for Energia.
    CMSIS-DSP is ARM's standard library for utilizing DSP algorithms on the ARM Cortex-M series chips; in particular it contains optimizations suitable for the Cortex-M4, along with primitives for using the extended instructions.
    API documentation is located here: http://www.keil.com/pack/doc/CMSIS/DSP/html/index.html
    The FIR32_TEST example came from something I saw (possibly a CMSIS-DSP stock example) back when I was compiling CMSIS-DSP under Linux for straight C TivaWare use.
    The library provides 4 datatypes; F32 (float), Q31 (int32), Q15 (int16), Q7 (int8); the latter 3 datatypes can only store fractional (1.0 >= n >= -1.0) numbers, but if your datasets can use that I believe the library makes use of the Cortex-M4's SIMD instructions for parallelism.
    I couldn't get Energia to include an .a file for the binaries, so I had to copy all the .c files and Energia has to build each one when you use the library; this extends the compile time a bit.
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