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  1. I've just started to toy around with Digi's XBee S2 ZigBee modules and my Tiva C-Series Launchpad. The XBees receive all their commands from any attached microcontroller via UART. I'm reading through the TivaWare UART API documentation, and it looks like the only function available to send data takes an ASCII character as an input rather than a hex value. Am I overlooking some other function that would take a hex value as an input, or do I have to convert my string of hex "characters" into ASCII first, then use the UARTCharPut() function?
  2. Thanks for the clarification, and the link to the very handy/informative tutorial.
  3. I'm playing with interrupts using my Tiva C series launchpad (chip is the TM4C123GH6PM), and the latest TivaWare version. I'm reading through the API for registering interrupt handlers on a GPIO port, but I can't find some info: the function GPIOIntRegister takes as inputs a GPIO port base address, and a pointer to the interrupt handling functions. Prototype is: void GPIOIntRegister(uint32_t ui32Port, void (*pfnIntHandler)(void)) Where can I find valid values for pfnIntHandler? The example code uses PortEIntHandler, so I'm pretty sure I can deduce what I would need to do to use, say,
  4. Total noob question; I'm more or less teaching myself embedded systems with a Tiva C Series Launchpad. I'm using CCS v6 and the TivaWare Peripheral Driver Library (whatever the latest version is from TI). Question on enabling interrupts on a GPIO pin: I see in the API documentation for GPIO that one can enable interrupts on a GPIO pin using the function GPIOIntEnable() which takes the parameters of the port and pin. I also see in the NVIC section of the same doc the function IntEnable(). Do these functions essentially do the same thing? Is it right to assume that the preferred method t
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