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  1. Hi Robert, I too am using the same module and have interfaced it with the module in 16bitmode. (It only supports that). I appreciate the effort taken by you to write a self explainatory code. I compiled the code and loaded into Tiva(EK-TM123GXL). The LCD is not displaying correctly. I observed that Rect(),PixelDraw(),etc functions are not working properly in all the part of the LCD(ie only partial display or banding). When I try to draw a Horizontal line using LineH() it works perfectly. But when I draw a Vertical line using LineV(), I am having the similar issues mentioned above. What do you
  2. I too am facing the same issue. If i compile the stellarisware and load the code, it is still working but for Tivaware I am out of luck. I tried changing my compiler versions still the issue is not solved. ie, I have both stellarisware and Tivaware and have executed make in both. When i execute the command paul@paul:~/Documents/Project/tivaware/examples/boards/dk-tm4c123g/blinky/gcc$ lm4flash blinky.bin Found ICDI device with serial: 0E102CEA ICDI version: 9270 Result -The Controller LED is not blinking. But when I execute paul@paul:~/Documents/Project/stellaris/boards/ek-lm4f120xl/b
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