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  1. Extending the Beaglebone Black network JavaScript usefulness. Mozilla, and its sister Iceweasel, have a web developer tool called Scratchpad. Scratchpad is available under the Tools/Web Developer menu on these browsers. What Scratchpad will allow is to write Bonescript programs on your main system and then run them on the Beaglebone just as if you modified the examples on the web page that the Beaglebone serves to your network connection. You can also save and edit your programs with Scratchpad. For example; Start the Beaglebone and connect to its web page. Click on the RUN button on top o
  2. The first thing you would need is a static URL assigned to your home network from your ISP. Then a server on the home network to talk to remotly. The BBB has this already, so you would just need to find it from your workplace.
  3. Hi People, I have been messing around with the BBB for a few months now and figured it was time to see what others are doing. I hope to learn what I can here, and perhaps help where I can. And.... Merry Christmas to all.
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