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  1. Thomas, Correct. Only one interrupt request can be mapped to each channel. But you could arrange the channels as you said in a group, linearly, so that all of the I2C related interrupts in your example can easily be masked/unmasked in one operation.
  2. Hi Spirilis, Thanks for the warm welcome! I think you're right - getting the F021 Libs open sourced would be difficult. It's not so much the concern about the source as it is about what happens if parts are not programmed correctly - due to something going wrong in a rebuild. The library keeps the variations a lot more under control. I wonder exactly how the other MCU teams get around this, because F021 is used for the new Stellaris and C2000 devices. Will have to poke at that. In any case, if your entire toolchain were open-source, except you needed to download the F021
  3. Hi, Full disclosure - I work on Hercules at TI and worked on the new launchpads - thrilled to see the first post not from a TI press release. On VIM - you can actually map the interrupt requests to channels arbitrarily through the CHANMAP fields. This is even avaiable through HalCoGen. Doesn't give you automatic priority based masking of lower priority interrupts for nesting purposes, but it does let you group as you like and by doing this it should be easier to implement the nesting code as the bit masks can be straight-forward. VIM is used instead of GIC because we try hard t
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