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  1. I used Timer A to trigger the ADC so I could vary the sampling frequency. I am also trying to configure it for SPI setup too, so I apologize if it looks messy. The problem is that the ADC is not sampling at higher frequencies when we change sample_rate. I am not sure why. Thanks for the help. Here is the code: #include <stdint.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include "inc/hw_ints.h" #include "inc/hw_memmap.h" #include "driverlib/debug.h" #include "driverlib/gpio.h" #include "driverlib/interrupt.h" #include "driverlib/pin_map.h" #include "driverlib/rom.h" #include "driverlib/rom_map.
  2. I am using the TM4C1294, so yeah the one with 80 pins. If there is a bug with SysCtlClockGet, how would I check to make sure that I am actually running at 120 MHz? Thanks for all the help. All of the control registers show that the processor should be running at 120 MHz, but for some reason the internal ADC is not sampling at the frequency I want it to, and I thought it had something to do with the processor clock frequency.
  3. Hello, I am using the Tiva C launchpad, and I am trying to set the system clock frequency to 120 MHz. I have used both of these functions below to set the system clock frequency: g_ui32SysClock = MAP_SysCtlClockFreqSet((SYSCTL_XTAL_25MHZ | SYSCTL_OSC_MAIN | SYSCTL_USE_PLL | SYSCTL_CFG_VCO_480), 120000000); and also, SysCtlClockSet(SYSCTL_XTAL_16MHZ |
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