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  1. Thank you for your answers. I've finally decided to use library, instead of writing my own code and banging my head to the wall. Much easier and faster ! ;-)
  2. Hello, I have the EK-TM4C123GXL launchpad and I'm learning to use the systick counter. I have a few questions. The internal oscillator is 16.0 MHz, so the smallest time unit is 1/16e6 = 62.5 ns. I have written a program that toggles a the red LED at 5s intervals. The problem is that the values I used do not match the frequency of the internal oscillator : Reload value = 0x00FFFFFF Number of loops : 15 Theoretical time delay = 15 * 0x00FFFFFF * 62.5ns = 15 * 16777215 * 62.5e-9 = 15.728s That theoretical time delay is 3 times larger than what I really get !! More over, when I se
  3. Hi, I'm 36 and learning about microcontrollers. I started on the TIVA C series on the Embedded Systems course offered by EDX. I'm trying to go deeper in my learning. Claude
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