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  1. Hi everyone! I have a question regarding UART SIR (IrDA) mode. In TM4C123(GH6PM) we can use IR transceivers to send/receive UART data. I have already set up both IR LED, and IR Receiver. They are working correctly. IR receiver works at 33 KHz. TivaWare library provides only UARTEnableSIR(base, lowPowerMode) function to Enable and configure IrDA mode of the UART. But here is the Question: How can we set 33 KHz frequency of the IR receiver in the UART SIR (IrDA) mode? Because there are many kinds of the IR receivers with different carrier frequency. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! Can anyone tell me about the difference between TimerPrescaleSet() and TimerPrescaleMatchSet()? When do we have to call them? In what order? After which function? I am having trouble using them. I appreciate any help! Here is the example, I want to use it to extend my PWM signal period 2 times. *******.............******....... TimerConfigure(WTIMER0_BASE, TIMER_CFG_SPLIT_PAIR|TIMER_CFG_B_PWM); // 0x0001 - value according to datasheet // TimerPrecaleSet(WTIMER0_BASE, TIMER_B, 0x0001); *******............********...... I know, Ther program doesn't have much sense, but I want to
  3. Hi everyone, I am from Uzbekistan. And i am a computer engineer student. I appreciate everyone who is eager to help and collaborate in this forum. I hope, I will find answers to many questions. If anyone from Central Asia, let us know each other.
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