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  1. SECTIONS { .text 0x20000000 : AT (0x00000000) { _text = .; KEEP(*(.isr_vector)) *(.text*) *(.rodata*) _etext = .; } .data 0x20000000 + SIZEOF(.text) : AT (SIZEOF(.text)) { _data = .; *(.data*) _edata = .; } .bss 0x20000000 + SIZEOF(.text) + SIZEOF(.data) : AT (ADDR(.data) + SIZEOF(.data)) { _bss = .; *(.bss*) *(COMMON) _ebss = .; } } Hi Thomas, yeah, have been hiking in the mountains with great weather :-) I set the Registers of SP and PC to 0x00000000 and 0x00000004 where the vector table is located. Then the complete code is copied into ram in the ResetISR handler and the pc is then set to the new Location of the copied code. But thats exactly my problem. The project I am playing with is the bootloader example which is provided from TI. I have just tried it without Setting the SP and the PC within the jlink plugin and putting in a initialization command "monitor halt". It seems that the halt is at address 0x0 in the disassembly view, without source code available. But since this is an Assembler file, no sourcecode might be available anyway... But here is the linker file: Andreas
  2. Hi Thomas, I have installed a plugin for gdb (dsf) Hardware Debugging which works quite fine with a normal application. The Problem occurs only with the bootloader Project. I have set the Registers for sp to 0x00000000 and the pc to 0x00000004 but I am not sure if this is okay because the linker locates everything in ram, just the load addresses are in Flash. So the first few steps are in Flash until the assembler Routine copies everything into ram and branches into ram for further execution. Maybe ist really an issue that the cpu is not haltet that fast. I Will try that with the Monitor commands too, but in the example i have for a normal application the break command is without that Monitor prefix... I am off for the Weekend and try it on sun or mon and tell you... Andreas.
  3. Hi Tomas, thanks for your reply, I will try OpenOCD, had such thoughts already in my mind :-) It might be really an issue of the eclipse/gdb plugin combination, because it works fine with the uvision debugger in combination with the jlink. So I will try it with the OpenOCD and play around with the commands and the position of the first breakpoint. @@Oppa, thanks for your reply, too, i already tried the jlink plugin, but it did not work at all with that, but it works with the standard GDB plugin, maybe I configured it wrong, I will try that again as well....
  4. Hi all, I am trying to debug the bootloader example in eclipse with the jlink debugger. And I am not sure about how to configure the jlink plugin in eclipse correctly, where to point the stack and the pc register due to the fact that the gcc linker script uses the VMA and the LMA for the sections and the bootcode is copied into RAM in the reset handler. The download seems to work correctly, but breakpoints are not reached correctly. I would like to start debugging at the beginning in the assembler code, to see the first steps of copying the bootloader code into RAM. Is it possible to debug assembler code at this stage (in the reset handler) at all? In the debugger plugin in eclipse I choose to break e.g. in ResetISR, but it stops somewhere else. Can anyone give me a hint what I am doin wrong, how to correctly setup the debugger for this project? Thanks in advance, Andreas
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