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  1. Hi: I was wondering if you guys know if a ATX computer power supply (like the IP-S350T1-0 ATX Power Supply) outputs regulated voltages. This regulated voltages are going to be used as voltage sources for Embedded Modules and is very important that the voltages are regulated because if it fluctuates it can damage the Embedded Modules. I have already research but I have not found a definitively answer for this question. Any inputs will be valuable. -Thanks
  2. Thanks, the problem because it was an NMI pin. I appreciated your help!
  3. Hi: I trying to use the GPIO interrupt feature but until now I was unable to make it work. Below the code that I'm using. I have verified the external set-up (an external push button) and is correctly placed. When I debug it, I wait until reaches to the infinite loop (while()) and then I push the button on the pin D7 to try to cause an interrupt but it never enters to the interrupt handler. Any help will be appreciated. I have also declared the handler on the vector table. Below the code: void initInterrupt(){ SysCtlPeripheralEnable(SYSCTL_PERIPH_GPIOD); // GPIOIntRegister(GPIO_PORTD_B
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