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  1. Thanks for the help Lyon, I really want to know how they manage to sample and process the data it would help me a lot. On the RAM memory issue I think I will not be able to use the flash memory for this purpose. Thanks everyone who helped.
  2. The voltage and current are from power line, so it is AC and I can't average the values. I'm interested in power consumption as well as power quality, that's why I'm looking for a high resolution sampling so I can get a good amount of harmonics. I'm considering buying the TM4C129 which has more RAM memory because I don't know if I can work this problem out.
  3. Thanks for the ideas, my goal is to sample the voltage and current of a system every 30s but when I sample I need a high amout of samples thus 30k samples during 3 seconds I would have a sampling frequency of 10Khz. I will keep in mind this problem with flash memory I may have to rethink my strategy. If you guys have any ideas please let me know.
  4. Yes, I could use the array from the flash memory, my problem is not accessing it but writing it on flash. What I'm trying to do is create an interrupt and inside the interrupt I sample at 10~15Khz store in the memory, and when I leave the interrupt I have as much time as needed to process these data. I believe I could move my program to the RAM memory to do the writing on the flash memory. I want to try it but I just have no idea how to write an array in flash, I've seen examples of variables being written but not arrays. I'm starting with microcontrollers, I've never done anything with texas
  5. I'm trying to store shorts, actually the values I read on the ADC i'm trying to store in array so when I finish my readings I can write back to RAM memory and work with those arrays separately. Can I replace the RAM with flash memory in this case?
  6. I'm using a Tiva C series TM4C123G and I need to write 2 arrays of about 30000 places each, and this can't be done on the RAM memory so I was wondering if I could use the Flash memory instead. Is there a better way to solve this problem? And does anybody have a piece of code showing how to assign a array to the flash memory? On the same matter, I will need to ADC sample between 10khz and 15Khz, is there enough time to write to the flash memory? My clock is set to 80Mhz.
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