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  1. Thanks for your input guys. Can someone please explain what (imm*) means in the encoding?
  2. So basically that Branch instruction modifies the PC register so that the next instruction address it goes to is non-linear and specific. I want to know how I could determine what this address will be just like the PC register does. The clue must be in the instruction 0xe000 but in order for me to dissect it I need to know what encoding type I am looking at in the reference manual.
  3. Hi all, I have an instruction: B.N with the instruction being 0xe000. When I look up the branch instruction in the ARM Architecure manual it says there are 4 encodings T1 - T4. The encoding are describing what the segments of the bits mean. So I want to know specifically where is the address of the next jump encoded to? I know the width specifier is forcing 16-bit encoding. Can anyone help me figure out what encoding it is. Thanks
  4. Wow. I ordered and paid on the (27/7) direct at Ti and the board has arrived today (31/7)!! 4 days total! I am impressed! Can anyone recommend some good online courses to learn C and the Stellaris / ARM Cortex assembly together?
  5. You're welcome Fred, the more the better. Nice to converse with people of like minded interest. No one I know in real life shares the passion and when I start talking to them about it they switch off lol
  6. Great to have you Fred I like your history sounds really interesting. I never liked OOP either and when it comes to embedded systems it's nothing but extra overhead anyway. I'm just waiting for my Launchpad to arrive direct from Ti then I will start my course.
  7. Hello everyone, I have ordered a Tiva-C Launchpad direct from Ti as I couldn't find a UK Vendor. I wonder how long it takes to arrive? I was surprised they don't charge for shipping!! Only 13USD = about £5.60!! I really want to learn and understand the machine from C code to machine instructions. I want to learn how the registers work, instructions and everything and especially how the ARM Cortex-M4 processors work. If I can self teach this I would be open to going for the ARM Certified Engineer qualification they offer and try and get a job in the industry. I am James, 27 and fro
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