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  1. No, I have a Tiva launchpad; on the box it says "TM4C123G" and "EK-TM4C123GXL". I am therefore compiling in "examples/boards/ek-tm4c123gxl/qs-rgb/". I believe that flashing works correctly, because all applications that I have tested work as expected when I flash the binary initially provided in the package. Only when I compile by myself does the application not work. Try commenting that line. When I do that, I get plenty of compilation errors of undefined references to 'ROM_*' functions. I am using the current version (4.9.1-1) of arm-none-eabi-gcc of the Archlinux distribution,
  2. Yes, I am using Linux. I did not try Code Composer Studio. The compilation works without errors or warnings. To flash the binary, I use "lm4flash qs-rgb.bin" The blinky and project0 examples worked well after compiling myself (using "make") and flashing to the launchpad. I also modified one of the examples to flash the LED in a specific color when holding one of the buttons, and it works well for the left button, but the right one doesn't do anything. I assume it is a compilation problem, but have no idea why.
  3. I've compiled the demo application qs-rgb, but it doesn't work on my launchpad. To compile, I used "make", the compiler is arm-none-eabi-gcc. It compiles without problems, but when I flash the launchpad (using lm4flash), the LEDs stay off. When I flash the precompiled binary, everything is working as expected. Does anyone have an idea why the self-compiled binary doesn't work? I am completely new to C and microcontrollers, having only programmed in higher languages so far.
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