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  1. In the last month, I've registered my account here three times, successfully. Each time, I come back a week later, and the system's apparently completely forgotten about me. Attempts to get a new password or resend activation produce a "no such user" error, and I just re-register from scratch with the same information. Is this normal? Gotta say, I may not bother to re-register a fourth time if I get lost again. Peter (yes, I'm the one who maintains mspgcc; occasionally, I even get to use these chips)
  2. All my experimentation indicates that the factory calibration constants for 1MHz DCO on the msp430g2231 and msp430g2211 chips result in a consistent 980 kHz clock. See all the details at the TI E2E MSP430 forum under "msp430g2231 CALDCO_1MHZ anomaly"; I'd provide a link directly to the discussion, but I'm apparently not allowed to put links in posts here. Can anybody confirm or deny this with their own measurements? Peter
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