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  1. Sir, I intend to use PB7, PB6, PB5, and PB4, to run the stepper motor. For arduino i used pins 8,9,10,11. What changes should i make to the code so that it is configured for PB7, PB6, PB5, PB4 pins. And do we need to initialise all registers (like AFSEL, AMSEL, etc), like it's done in keil.
  2. Hello everyone I wrote the following code to run a stepper motor in arduino depending upon a UART signal. The UART signal came from processing 2 code. Now instead of an arduino board i want to run the same code on my TIVA C series tm4c123gh6m launch pad what should i do. Note- I used digital pins 8,9,10,11 of the arduino to run the motor. What does 8,9,10,11 refer to in tiva C series? int a=8; int b=9; int c=10; int d=11; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(a, OUTPUT); pinMode(b, OUTPUT); pinMode(c, OUTPUT); pinMode(d, OUTPUT); establishContact(); }
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