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  1. For anyone that is interested there is an Embedded Systems Programming and Design from on definition stage on area51.stackexchange.com. Below is the link Embedded Systems Programming and Design
  2. For anyone that is interested there is a MOOC's Embedded Systems Course from University of Texas on edx.org. Embedded Systems - Shape The World https://www.edx.org/course/embedded-systems-shape-world-utaustinx-ut-6-02x#.VLTv7yujOSo
  3. Thanks I got it working, they was typo in blinky.ld file name, also thank you for the suggestion about the arm compilers.
  4. I have successfully configured a Linux/Ubuntu/Eclipse/openocd development environment for the TIVA. I pretty much followed Kernel Hacks and made necessary changes to incorporate the advances in tools. Question: Can I develop C++ software based on the above configuration? If so what are the necessary required changes. Base on the above I created a Eclipse C++ project, uploaded the blinky files and tried to compile and I got the following linker error for g++ linker. Invoking: Cross GCC Compiler arm-none-eabi-gcc -DPART_TM4C1233H6PM -D ARM_MATH_CM4 -DTARGET_IS_BLIZZARD_RA1 -I/home/user
  5. The Embedded system course on Edx was excellent. I will recommend the course to anyone who want to learn embedded systems. I am currently trying to configure a Linux machine to develop code using Eclipse. There are a few blog for Linux/Eclipse/LM4F/openOCD combination. I am currently trying to get Linux/Eclipse/TM4C/openOCD working.
  6. Hello All, I recently took the Embedded system course on Edx offer by University of Texas. I wonder if anyone has written the process to get Tiva C LaunchPad with CCS and Linux. I saw a note here that this has been achieved. Any pointers less the pain. Thanks Mahen
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