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  1. I am developing data acquisition using TM4C123GXL with Energia. I able to acquire signal of 20hz even my ADC has sampling rate of 1M/s. I need suggestion regarding how to increase acqusition bandwidth(higher range frequency)....
  2. can we interface ADC chip directly to our PC..I am targeting for LabVIEW software in PC.I want to design oscilloscope without using any controller hardware...??Also suggest me ADC chip which has wireless UART
  3. Once we have load our application in flash...means we write it ..But still i found that we can write flash using API library what is useful of it ?Means where we need this type of programming ?
  4. Can anybody tell me what is importance of EEPROM,Flash,Rom memories in tiva c launchpad ??Other is that we can write EEPROM,Flash in tiva c launchpad so what is use of this means we can write where we can use it?
  5. i am thinking sense it using Wakeup pin functionality facility which we have in tiva c launchpad ..Is it possible using that thing?
  6. Have you any idea about to put oscilloscope in sleep if there is no measurement circuit(or any other signal) is connected to it and wake up it vice versa?
  7. I want to design PC based oscilloscope using tiva c launchpad .I am planning to use LabVIEW for GUI because i know how to use it... But thing is that i want to do something new innovative in oscillscope like put oscilloscope in sleep mode automatically and if any user want to analyze waveform oscilloscope wake up automatically once user connect its signal to oscilloscope ...How this is possible??? I want to make this oscilloscope based on web .So from anywhere in world we can acess it. Still if you have better innovative idea you can suggest me... I shall be thank full to you.
  8. thanks .And what about ground pin there are many ground pin on Tiva launchpad board
  9. I wrote program of ADC in tiva c launchpad..I am using PB5 pin(AIN11) for analog input..But How to connect Sensor (voltage input-3.3 voltage input )to launchpad...My sensor has 2 wire Vin,Gnd.....Should i have to connect Vin to PB5 and Gnd of sensor to GND pin of Launchpad..
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