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  1. never mind, i found this library works perfectly with connected launchpad but non-I2C connection...
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to get the I2C 16x2 lcd display works on the connected launchpad? I have tried this solution but no luck Thanks.
  3. The SPI is finally working on the connected launchpad with MOSI/MISO pin swapped. Thank you for the help from all of you. But I haven't figured out the I2C problem yet...
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to make a communication between TM4C129 Connected Launchpad and TM4C123 Launchpad (or Arduino UNO) via I2C ports. 1.5K pull-up resisters are added to both SCL and SDA. Connected both grounds. I have the salver_sender example code loaded to the Connect Launchpad and the master_reader example code to Arduino UNO. The Arduino UNO got some weird characters yyyyyy from the Connect Launchpad and the loop stuck on Wire.requestForm() every time. Arduino gets these yyyyyy only if I pushed the reset button on the Connected Launchpad or disconnect the SCL and SDA to make the l
  5. I also tried that example with the SCP1000 Barometric Pressure Sensor on my connected launchpad. The code loaded to the launchpad without any error. It just can't get any data from the sensor. Also, I tried to add the SPI.setModule(0,1,2...), but none of these ports were working.
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