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  1. Hello stellaris community. I am using stellaris library 10636 and lm3s8962. I am very confused that PWMClockGet function returns configuration value not clock value. I haven't found a function to return pwm clocks. I read the datasheet that pwmclockset configures the rate of the clock provided to the pwm module as a ratio of the processor clock. it is followed by system clock setting. Many references found using sys_div_1 for some reason. For example, I set system clock as 8mHz, and set pwm clock with sys_div_1. sys_pwm_clock_get returns 0 which is the configuration value not clock
  2. thanks for reply Kartman As the processor doesn't matter with the measurement, I have really no idea why I get the unreliable results. To trigger the device, as the datasheet recommends, I use a pwm signal with 60 ms period and its duty cycle corresponds to 10uS high pulse. Do you think it is not appropriate to trigger the device with a pwm signal? maybe when calculating the pulse width, pwm should not trigger the device. I am using code composer studio v6 and stellaris library. My target is lm3s8962. I appreciate your help.
  3. thanks for reply. The HC-SR04 module send out an 8 cylcle burst of ultrasound at 40kHz and raise its echo. I set my board's system clock as 50 mHz and calculate the pulse width from the echo pin of the hc-sr04. Do you think I need to change my board's system clock same as the system clock of the hc-sr04 module? Do I need to compensate the pulse width because I get the 40kHZ pulse? As I look at the datasheet, there is no specification which system clocks hc-sr04 use. I am guessing maybe this module is only made for Arduino. I found many references working the module with Arduino but Arm
  4. I think when you take 5 voltage to 3.3 GPIO input, your device may be affected. You may need to add a resistor before 5 volts comes to your 3.3 GPIO.
  5. Hello Stellaris Community. This is my first post up in this community. I will be very grateful if you give me some advice. I am not sure if it is okay to post this subject in this forum. I am using lm3s8962 board and Stellarisware 10636 library. HC-SR04 is a distance finder. I have been working on hc-sr04 devices for a long time. I really don't know why the result I get keeps unreliable. I may have a lot of questions. But I start by a question I am not sure of. First of all, I am aware of the device requirement. Those are the requirements of the datasheet hc-sr04. Working Voltage DC
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