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  1. Have had the same problem off and on. I have needed to design a few H bridge implementations for several different projects, and while not all ran off the LaunchPad, all were MSP430 projects... so the same 3.3V issue. I have ended up using a buffer and inverter as standard practice to; A) separate the MCU from the rest of the circuit, and rectify the VCC issue, and cut pin count per motor down to 2 pins. The attached circuit doesn't even require a reference ground to the MCU. The final product in regards to that schematic has a pair of 24v 8Amp DC motors running off PWM output from a G2231 MC
  2. I recently finished what I guess you would call a "shield" of sorts for the MSP430 F2619 MCU and similar variants(see my latest post in the projects forum). However, it was the launchpad that got me hooked on working with the MSP430 line in general. Previously I had been a BASIC Stamp guy lol. I would see this idea as something the community in general could work, and with very good results. A current project I am working on utilizes a G2231 to intercept the outbound signal from a Honeywell thermostat and adjust outside intake fans accordingly based on an external temperature sensor. That bein
  3. Haven't been on the forum for a few months, been busy with a few projects for work(which I probably could have gotten some help with here had I bothered to log on... heh). Good to see the forum is growing. And experienced guys, get ready for a possible bag full of questions as I get started on a new project here shortly. On another note, here is a recent MSP430 based project I just wrapped up. Previously we had needed to purchase 7 separate TS430PM64 target boards to be added to projects on a permanent basis. As the target boards directly from TI can run 75+ USD my business partner and I
  4. Good find, will be interesting to watch the development of this project.
  5. I have fallen back to the Launchpad for the time being to work on individual pieces of the code I'll need. Was a good idea doing so actually, lol. After a bit of trial and error I was able to get the MSP430G2231 am developing on to interpret the PPM signal being sent out from the Spektrum AR7000 Receiver I am using. #include "msp430g2231.h" volatile unsigned int sample1 = 0; volatile unsigned int sample2 = 0; volatile unsigned int ppm1 = 0; volatile unsigned int count1 = 0; volatile unsigned int totalCount1 = 0; volatile unsigned int totalPulse1 = 0; void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDT
  6. Well.... in regards to focusing on the LaunchPad for the time being, you are probably right. In regards to the bot, everything other than the motor control will be handled via an on board laptop. (sensors etc) As for the motor controller, I need to drive 2 12v Brushed DC motors off a powered wheelchair. Yes there are plenty of off the shelf options for this, but it's the design and implementation of home brewed components that peak my interest. Anyway, a bit of background, I am actually working on 2 separate projects, one being the bot, the other being a "hopefully" soon to be availab
  7. Hehe, oh how I love to miss the obvious. Anyway, thanks for the feedback on the bloated code. However.... I am actually in the process of rewriting the whole thing. After doing some more research regarding PWM on the MSP430G2231 series, I decided to step away from the LaunchPad all together, and jump up to the MSP430F417 and/or F2619. Though I have a couple of both MCU's I am leaning towards the F417 as it is quite a bit cheaper than the F2619. Anyway, one I get this recoded and working on the new chip I'll post an update.
  8. LOL, thanks for the info. They are actually one of those things that I like to have around for spur of the moment ideas. May actually end up on the robot project I'm toying with atm.
  9. Well, after some researching and input from a couple people I have actually gotten off to a fairly good start on a basic motor controller using the MSP430G2231 which came with the Launchpad. Currently the controller takes input from three buttons, one for direction, the other two for increasing and decreasing the speed. Simple yes, but I am actually fairly happy with it so far, as this is my first time using anything other than the BasicATOM or BasicStamp MCU's. As such I had a bit of a learning curve transitioning from Basic to C. The end goal of the project is to have the controller acc
  10. It is for a brushed DC motor. Basically I need variable speed, and direction. This will kind of be my starter project moving in to the MSP430 line. If I can get this down my hope is to get a functional Proportional motor controller working in the near future. I guess the biggest obstacle for me at this point is transitioning from programming in Basic on the Atom to C for the TI devices. I have looked around but have yet to find any code examples or design projects using the MSP430 in a DC motor controller.
  11. One of my first orders of business with the recently arrived launchpad is a simple variable speed DC motor controller which will be controlled from an RC airplane radio transceiver/reciever. My question is, has anyone tried this with the Value Line MCU's and the LaunchPad?
  12. Hello all, My business partner and I have just migrated from the Atom to the MSP430 line of MCU's. Basically we have gone from a hobbyist environment to actually working on industrial/commercial products. As such, i have been scouring the web looking for knowledge bases for the MSP430 MCU's. So I am more or less a noob when it comes to these new microcontrollers. lol. So look forward to many a questions from me. Currently we are working on two projects. One will utilize the MSP430F412IPM the other more basic project will be built around the MSP430 Value line, and the LaunchPad. To be h
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