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    My time with FreeRTOS on the TM4C

    Great thread keep it going. I wish to learn RTOS and I have bookmarked this thread for reference. Cannot thank you enough for this thread.
  2. nuclearrambo

    Health monitoring system [work in progress]

    I will take a look into it. Its going to be trial and error I guess. Long way to go. thanks. All the filtering is done on the circuit. No digital processing done here. I am thinking of getting hands on ADS1298 AFE chip for 12 lead. But thats not anytime soon. My focus is more on pulse oximeter now. Its been a huge challenge and I still havent got it right.
  3. nuclearrambo

    Health monitoring system [work in progress]

    I am using one time use ECG electrodes for picking up electrical signals generated by heart. I was wondering how do I program the chip on the custom made board that I would be making?
  4. I had been working on a compact health monitoring system which would have ECG, body temperature sensor, glucometer, and a pulse oximeter all put on one single PCB. So far I was successfully able to have ECG, temperature and the glucometer working. Having this was not sufficient, I wanted to send all this data onto an android phone. For this I used HC-06 bluetooth module and had an android app running on the phone to collect and display the data on to its screen. I made use of Amarino's library for communication between Arduino and Android. It was pretty easy to port Amarino from Android to Stellaris and it worked very well! I used Stellaris Launchpad in my project considering that I would be implementing signal processing in future and also it is quite inexpensive This is my entire unit fit in one box. I plan to having the processor on the same board and eliminating the use of bulky launchpad. Can anyone tell me how I could do that? I have never done such a thing before. Just showing off some photographs The step up converter that I used to power up all the circuits in that box. Takes 3.5 to 4V from Li-ion battery (NOKIA) and converts it to 5.1V. Pretty cheap module I found on some chinese website. This is my android app showing my ECG. I can enter my name in the text box and upload the ECG onto the online website. Note: I used Amarino's example SensorGraph and modified it to add the uploading functionality. You can view the database here : http://projectarogya.com/arogya/patients.php This is how my ECG looks online. The php script also does the task of calculating heart rate and putting a time stamp at the time of upload. I am using a simple LM35 temperature sensor. I had to build seperate app for temparature and glucometer. Note: I used Multicolorlamp app from Amarino's website and modified it. Now it is so much modified that its like a completely new app except that the name is still unchanged I have also uploaded a more detailed blog post on http://nuclearrambo.com/wordpress/android-based-wireless-ecg-monitoring-temperature-sensor-glucometer-included/ Because of some problem with ground, I am not able to get a clean output. It fluctuates a lot and hence does not give correct glucose readings. I will add in the explanation about how glucometer works if you people want to hear about it. PS: I had only been reading on this forum. This is my first post here and I thought I would share my project with you all. I am also hoping to produce and sell it once its complete. If anyone's interested in lending a helping hand with design and stuff are totally welcome